Genesis 27 – A Case of Mistaken Identity

We are discussing Jacob’s betrayal of his father’s trust and how it set in motion the events that led Jacob to a foreign land and give birth to the leaders of the twelve tribes of Israel. Maybe on surface it seems like a devilish thing for Jacob to do but if things did not pan out exactly like the way they did perhaps the story of Israel would have been different.

Esau’s taste in women had been a problem for his mother but apparently not a big enough problem for his father Isaac. Isaac was still convinced that Esau was his heir. He called Esau and gave him one final task of hunting down and bringing him favorite game and then planned to bestow his blessings on Esau.

Rebecca, who knew that Jacob is destined to be the heir of their family, overheard the conversation and devised a plan to trick both Esau and Isaac. Jacob agreed with his mothers plan and took some game for his father disguised as Esau. Isaac who had lost his eyesight mistook Jacob for Esau and gave all the blessing to Jacob. When Esau got to know what Jacob had done he was livid and plotted to kill Jacob as soon as his father died.

Hence the chosen family became the fractured family where none of the four (Isaac, Rebecca, Esau & Jacab) trusted God to carry out his will but rather tried to intervene in every possible way to ensure their own will be accomplished. That might as we be the summary of our own walk with Jesus.

Questions Discussed in this Podcast

  1. Why are inter marriages a problem in the Bible? Gen 26:34-35
  2. Why did Isaac want to bless Esau? Did Rebecca not tell him about the word God promised her? Gen 27:1-4
  3. Why did Rebecca intervene and not let God accomplish his will in the lives of her sons? Are curses and blessings transferable? – Gen 27:11-17
  4. Who is Isaac (V29) calling sons of your mother?
  5. Why did not Isaac reverse his blessings or bless Esau also? – Gen 27:30-40

Summary: What is the difference between a father’s blessings and our heavenly father’s blessings


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