Abigail – A Discerning Woman

Abigail was a woman, beautiful and with understanding (1 Samuel 25: 3), She was the wife of Nabal who was a rich man and who sheared his sheep at Carmel (1 Samuel 25:2-3). Knowing that Nabal was shearing his sheep, David sent some young men to talk to Nabal and tell him how well his shepherds were treated when they were with him and that now when they have come on a feast day and be given what comes to their hand (1 Samuel 25: 4-8) but Nabal simply refused saying he does not know them (1 Samuel 25: 10-11). On hearing Nabal’s response, David became furious and girded his sword and asked his men too, to do the same. When Abigail came to know about this and the harm determined to them by David through their servant she quickly rose, wasted no time and took some provisions and left to meet David without telling Nabal (1 Samuel 25: 14-19).


When Abigail saw David she humbled herself and got down from the donkey and bowed down before David (1 Samuel 25: 23- 24). She tells him that as the Lord lives, He has restrained him (David) from bloodguilt (1Samuel 25:26). She also assures him of help from God as he has been fighting battles and that evil shall not prevail as long as he lives (1 Samuel 25: 28). She explains well of how God has exalted him and been with him in everything (1 Samuel 25: 29-31). David thanks God for sending Abigail and blesses her and her discretion for saving him from bloodguilt (1 Samuel 25: 32-34). He receives what she got for him and his servants and asks her to return back. Abigail goes back and doesn’t tell Nabal anything as he had held a feast and was drunk. In the morning when he was in his normal state, Abigail told him everything and on hearing it, his heart became like a stone and he died in ten days. When David heard this, he blessed the Lord for avenging the insult he faced and for restraining him from doing wrong. David sent and spoke to Abigail to take her as his wife and she quickly rose, mounted on her donkey and went and became his wife(1 Samuel 25: 36-42).


From the above narrated passage we can clearly understand that Abigail was a woman who had great discretion (as said by David also in 1 Samuel 25: 33) and understanding with beauty (1 Samuel 25: 3). She was humble by nature (1 Samuel 25: 23). In today’s time how many of us would have a nature alike, especially if we are from a rich household as Abigail’s? Today we feel money is all we need and most of us are entangled in pride. Moreover, she understood and knew the Love of God and hence could explain the good to David when he was about to commit a wrongdoing in his anger. Would we even bother to stop others from doing something wrong when we clearly perceive it is wrong? No, most of us leave it thinking let it be, until we are walking in the correct path we need not bother about others.
She was also a good wife. When her husband disregarded David’s servants she did the needful as soon as she came to know. In earlier days this might be punishable, as women had no place in the society but she didn’t bother and fulfilled her duties. Though she did not tell Nabal before going to meet David to give supplies but she came back and told him everything when he was in a position to understand. She was wise and thoughtful in her moves and knew when exactly what should be done.
Lastly, she was obedient. When David sent word for her to be her wife, she wasted no time and obeyed his voice. Obedience is something which almost all of us lack today. We feel we become less in stature if we obey. But this is a completely wrong notion we possess. It is really important for us to be obedient. Let us look at Abigail’s life and learn from her character.

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  1. Lisa Schwartz says:

    Abigail is one of my favorite female Bible characters. Thank God I have a godly husband – but Abigail shows us how to be a righteous woman even if our circumstances are not ideal.



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