……….If only we believe!!

….. there is nothing too hard for the Lord (Jer 32:17)

Main reading Genesis 18: 9-15

The three mysterious visitors came to Abraham on a hot summer’s day to convey to Abraham the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah (verse 16 onwards) and that Sarah would bear Abraham a son.

The reaction of Sarah was quite contrasting from that of Abraham on overhearing the later. Abraham was overjoyed when the Lord chose to visit his house and prepared the best meal for his Lord and was ready to adhere what the lord commanded but Sarah found it hard to believe that she could bear a child after being barren for so many years.

What made Sarah laugh? Better yet what made Sarah lie when the Lord confronted her?

Sarah represents all those who are weak in faith, worried too much about this world. Sarah had seen God’s work in her life but still was reluctant to believe.

Another example I would like to highlight is from the Gospel according to Luke (17:1-10). The centurion was a gentile but by hearsay came to know about Christ. He truly believed that Jesus could heal his servant and found it unnecessary to bother Christ to come all the way to his house. (Luke 7:7)”…but say the word, and my servant shall be healed”. That’s all he asked. Jesus had not seen such faith even amongst the Israelites. The centurion represents the new believers.

So who had greater faith? Sarah, who knew God for decades or the Centurion, who hardly knew God? Maybe the years have made us lukewarm in Christ and we may take salvation for granted. But God wants our faith to be like that of the Centurion. The person that we might have helped come in Christ can help us be stronger in Christ.

Job represents another category of people albeit they might be only a handful. People, who even through their sorrows and pain patiently wait for the Lord, no matter what the hardship they still believe that Lord has a plan.

Who are you? Are you as deep rooted in the Lord as Job, or is your faith built on shaky foundation ready to tumble at the slightest blow?

Can the Lord proclaim with full confidence before our enemy that we will always be true to His word?

God can do wondrous works in our lives …….if only we believe.


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