The Church of the Firstborn – Hebrews Part VI

It is imperative that the church and its leaders make straight their paths else the entire fellowship will descend into a downward spiral. Within the confines of the church, we should ensure that the grace of God is not taken lightly. But when it comes to individual families, we should not intervene until and unless we get a clear sign from God. It is only through His leading that we can deliver His peace. Let us wait for God’s leading for our lives before we descend into self-appointed causes of spiritual justice.

The Perfecter of Faith – Hebrews Part V

Today, organic food is very difficult to source and even if a brand promises purity of its ingredients there is high probability of adulteration in everything we consume. Even after knowing this fact, we do not give up eating altogether and are getting by with whatever is available in our local grocery store. But when it comes to our fellowship, we expect the purest variety and when we do not find it, we abandon it altogether. We feel we don’t need fellowship like we need food and thus our different standards. We make concessions for other things in our lives that are not perfect but don’t extend the same leniency to our fellowships.

Our Everlasting Covenant – Hebrews Part IV

The author claims that the sacrifices and guilt offerings never cleared the conscious of the worshiper and perhaps this sentiment was shared by the other Jewish converts that were part of the early church. Then why did an entire nation practice it for more than fifteen hundred years?

Our High Priest Forever – Hebrews Part III

Though milk is part of the diet of an adult, it is supplemented with other nutritional sustenance as well. We do not depend only on milk but take a wholesome diet according to our needs and desires. However, when it comes to our spiritual diet we are happy to gulp infantile edibles rather than mature meals. The people who came to Jesus were constantly dependent on miracles and healings as their source for affirming Jesus’s Messianic status and when Christ challenged them to exhibit their faith they all failed miserably.

The Foundation of the Laws – Hebrews Part II

The Torah or the laws were given to Israel at a time when they were a wandering nation, struggling to cope with their newfound freedom. These laws steered every action of the people of God by giving them guidelines on offerings and sacrifices and laws that helped them survive in the desert for forty years. These laws helped the people reach the promised land but they continued to abide by them even after the formation of their very own kingdom.

Superior to the Angels – Hebrews Part I

Some actors undergo rigorous training and make changes in their lifestyle to align it with the part they will be playing. This is commonly known as method acting, applied by actors who want to relate more to their character so that they can do justice to their portrayal of them. Does God have to go through our problems to understand them?

Hebrews – Intro

The book was known as the Epistle of Paul to the Hebrews for more than a thousand years but now there seems to be a consensus that even though this book doesn’t negate any of Paul’s letters, it also does not match his writing style. What we know is that the author was a Jewish convert and well-versed in the Greek translation of the Old Testament.