Bright as the Sun – Hillsong

This song is a reminder of how God is there besides us through everything and that we should not worry about anything else but just praise Him.

When humans were placed on this earth, they did not have to do anything, every provision was made, God created everything perfectly. They had all the time to just look around at His creations and praise Him.

But sin crept in and they gave in to it. Slowly started getting busy with the knowledge they had, started worrying and continued sinning. God then sent His Son for us, to redeem us. We are indebted to Him but there is nothing we can do but offer our praises to Him.

The words of this song are completely relatable. When our heart was in danger of the eternal fire, He looked at us with arms wide open, to carry our burden. When our life was a complete failure, His love shone bright, forgave us and made us new creations (2 Corinthians 5:17)

O how sweet did You gaze
On my perilous heart
To befriend me to my bitter end
And carry the burden

For as graven my failure
You prevailed in pure love
To be found in the depths of Your heart
As good as forgiven

This King left His throne, came down to this sinful earth and graced the cross to redeem us from the eternal death and in turn, was victorious over evil. The floodgates of mercy were opened wide for us through His sacrifice and our lives which were in the path of destruction, were saved by His victory.

His love is bright as the sun, which we can never fathom and He is still shining that love on us and always will.

O how You graced that cross
Where Jesus died and death took the loss
Wild as the floodgates of heaven
Flung wide open within His scars

Now mine is the life You raised
Yours the glory that took down that grave
Bright as the sun almighty in love
God forever Your Kingdom come

It is only by His grace that we are saved and not by our acts (Ephesians 2:8-9). We should always remember that and be grateful to the one who saved us by His grace. We now have hope, and even when we face the darkest night, we can be sure, that He will shine and take care of everything.

O how sweet is the sound
Of a heart drenched in grace
Rising up from the ashes in praise
Alive to Your greatness

Hope as brazen as mercy
Through the terrible night
How You blaze through the darkness I fight
Bright as the morning

In our busy lives, we have forgotten who God really is. If we even think a bit, our hearts would burn in awe of Him. Let us just remember to praise Him, without any hesitation. Moreover, we should be praising Him as long as we have breath in us, our last words or our last breath should be His praise. This entire life will not be enough for us to praise Him when we understand His love and once we understand His love, we will not be able to stop singing His praises and will continue over and over again.

My heart burns wild in my chest
In awe of Your heart in all that You are
Let Your praise run wild on my breath
In awe of Your heart I’ll sing it again

Till my heart beats out of my chest
I’ll sing of Your love in awe of Your heart
Till Your praise is all I have left
I’ll sing of Your love again and again

His love is bright, so bright, that we are not even worthy of looking at Him. Let our hearts see His Kingdom and let Him have His way in us. He is beyond what our minds could ever think of.

Bright as the sun
Let us see Your Kingdom come
Bright as the sun
Have Your way Your Kingdom come

Let us keep praising Him till that is what is left of us. That will only be possible when we forget the worries of this world, and look up to His Kingdom and our life with Him, then we would automatically start praising Him.


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