Genesis 44 – The Slave Becomes the Master

Joseph is still not done with his mind games on his brothers and comes up with this plan to halt their return to Canaan. Joseph is still planning to uncover the truth straight from the horse’s mouth.

But his brothers had no intention to reveal their dirty laundry to the second most powerful person in the land. Joseph perhaps went for the jugular when he had Benjamin arrested, in hopes of getting the truth out of his brothers.

Joseph chooses to tell his brothers about his divination cup. Whether he practiced divination or not but he still claimed to do so. Oftentimes, out of ignorance or out of carelessness we take God’s words lightly. There is a reason for each and every verse which God has chosen to reveal to us. But we like to pick and choose the ones that are compatible with our lifestyle.

There are somethings that we do not understand and neither has God chosen to reveal them to us yet. We must trust God’s judgement on such matters and not test Him.

“What can we say to my lord? ” Judah replied. “What can we say? How can we prove our innocence? God has uncovered your servants’ guilt. We are now my lord’s slaves —we ourselves and the one who was found to have the cup. ”

Genesis 44:16

Surely he doesn’t mean the guilt of him selling Joseph to the Ishmaelites as he still lies about that (V20). Lot of people in the Bible hesitate in confessing their sins to God. From Adam and Eve to Ananias and Sapphira, Kings & Priests, Prophets & Jesus’ own Disciples.

Over here Joseph through the knowledge of the silver cup, convinced his brothers that he possesses supernatural powers of divination. Joseph wanted them to confess that they sold their brother so that he can reveal himself to his brothers and they can move on from that horrible day. But still his brothers chose to carry on the lie that their brother died.

God also knows our innermost secrets and is waiting for us to confess so that we can put our past behind us and renew our walk with Him. However, we fail to realize the forgiving nature of God and waste our lives drowning ourselves in our own guilt. If we had taken our confessions to God right at the start we could have saved both of us (God and ourselves) some unnecessary heartache.

From selling Joseph out of jealousy to trading prison sentence with Joseph’s younger brother out of loyalty, we see a huge shift in the attitude of Judah.
When we look back at our lives do we see a similar shift?

Speaking from personal experience and what other people have shared with us, there is a stark difference in our pre-Christ and post-Christ lives. If we feel there is no shift, it is because we haven’t received Christ in our lives.

If we feel our lives have not changed, we are saying that Christ did not need to die on the cross for us. Jesus left His throne and took our place so that we do not face the harsh punishment for our sins. The master became the slave so that we slaves can have a part in His kingdom.

Every minute, every second that we live on this earth is full of tough choices as direct consequence of sin (be it ours or someone else’s). When we are released from the burden of sin, suddenly we see those choices in a different light. We see those choices through God’s perspective and when that happens, surely our lives won’t be the same anymore.


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