Genesis 41 – A New Robe

Joseph is still in prison and two whole years have passed since the cup bearer got out and never bothered to help Joseph. But one day, Pharaoh had a weird dream that none of his magicians could explain or even fathom.

At that moment, the cup bearer remembered Joseph and what he did for him while he was in prison. Pharaoh was intrigued on hearing about the Hebrew dream interpreter and called him in.

Joseph heard Pharaoh’s dream about the sleek and fat cows and the heads of grains and God gave the meaning of the dream to Joseph.

Joseph said to Pharaoh, “The dreams of Pharaoh are one and the same. God has revealed to Pharaoh what he is about to do. The seven good cows are seven years, and the seven good heads of grain are seven years; it is one and the same dream. The seven lean, ugly cows that came up afterward are seven years, and so are the seven worthless heads of grain scorched by the east wind: They are seven years of famine.

Genesis 41:25-27

Joseph tells the king of Egypt to put a wise man in charge of stockpiling and Pharaoh saw Joseph as that man to lead Egypt during the impending tough times. So Joseph became the second in command again but this time not in one household but for the entire nation of Egypt.

Joseph is given another robe, probably replacing his shabby prison clothes, along with Pharaoh’s seal of authorization. Nothing was off limit for Joseph except Pharaoh’s wife. Joseph was properly accepted into the Egyptian culture and did not operate as a contract based consultant for the royal kingdom of Egypt. He married the daughter of a pagan priest and even had his name changed.

Joseph was thirty at that time and soon had two kids with his new bride, Manasseh and Ephraim. After the seven years of abundance came to an end, famine took over the land and all the world came to Egypt to buy grains as no one but God could have foreseen the current state of the world, given the abundance that had been prevailing in the years passed.

We long for robes given to us by humans. Robes are usually something that is a symbol of honor. We spend our whole lives trying to gain honor of our fellow beings.

Think of Joseph and his parents and us wanting our parents approval in whatever we do our whole lives. Some desire the approval of their bosses like Joseph with Potiphar or maybe approval of their priests.

Sometimes we want people to hear our side of the story when we feel we have been wronged, like Joseph did with the cup bearer in prison. But the one whose approval we should really be seeking, we don’t do anything for it.

The one who is always ready to hear us vent our problems, does not even come to our minds when we are looking for any ear that would hear our problems.

This earth will only be able to give us robes (Honor) made by human hands but God wants to give us a New Robe. He wants to replace our worn out prison clothes with His heavenly robe and His seal of approval.

Questions Discussed in this Podcast –
V1: Why did God speak to Pharaoh a pagan worshiper regarding the upcoming famine and not His own people?
V9: How did the Cup Bearer suddenly remember Joseph?
V37: Why is Pharaoh believing Joseph, a man who would do anything to get out of ‘his pit‘?
V50: Why didn’t Joseph send a message to his father? Has he forgotten his family? (Manasseh)

After two whole years, Joseph is released from his Pit and is given another robe this time a royal robe. Can we relate this to our present day scenario?

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