Genesis 36 – The Red State

Genesis 36 is all about Esau and his family line. Similar to the latter half of Genesis 4 which was all about Cain and his lineage, many people have questioned the existence of Esau’s genealogy as he was not the chosen one.

The chapter is divided into four parts

  1. The first part (till verse 8) deals with Esau’s immediate family and their time in Hebron. The possessions of Esau and Jacob were so great that the land could not sustain them and Esau decided to move out of his father’s land. Like Lot, Esau moved across the river to the fertile land of Edom.
  2. In the second part (v9-19), we get a detailed account of Esau’s family down to the third generation.
  3. From Verse 20, we learn about the inhabitants of Seir and its rulers.
  4. And finally verse 31 on wards we read about the Kings before and after Esau’s family moved into the land with the latter half dominated by Esau’s family members to the extent that the city of Seir was remained to Edom.

Issac’s firstborn did everything he thought was right and perhaps led a good and honorable life. But as we find out, living a good life is just not good enough.

Questions Discussed in this Podcast

V1: Why write about Esau’s genealogy?

V1: Why was Esau renamed to Edom?

V7: Are Esau and Jacob living together?

V20: Why mention Seir’s descendants?


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