Genesis 34 – Love or Lust

A very dark but real chapter in which we learn about Dinah, the daughter of Leah, who on her casual outing to visit her friends was raped by the ruler of the land, Shechem.

We do not know if it was out of love or lust that he defiled Jacob’s daughter but he became infatuated and wanted to marry the daughter of Jacob. On his request, Shechem’s father, Hamor went to Jacob to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage to his son.

Jacob was surprisingly constrained and waited for his sons to get home. When Jacob’s sons got home, they were shocked and furious at Shechem for what he had done to their family.

They deceitfully agreed to an intermarriage between the two families but in their hearts they were already plotting their revenge. They put the condition that Shechem’s household should circumcise all the males before the marriage should take place.

Verse 25 says that, Three days later, while all of them were still in pain, two of Jacob’s sons, Simeon and Levi, Dinah’s brothers, took their swords and attacked the unsuspecting city, killing every male.

Not only did Jacob’s sons kill all the men of the city, they robbed the city of their flocks, donkeys and everything else in their city and their fields. They carried all their wealth, women and children, plundering the entire city.

Jacob’s response was again unusual in that, he did not confront his sons over the sin they had committed against God but rather about the problems they had brought on Jacob by killing the men of the city.

The world has defiled Jesus and has treated him like a prostitute. We want him to be there with us when we need him but when our work is over we want him to leave us till the next time we call on him.

Like Shechem we think we love Jesus and tell the world we love Jesus but we are just infatuated by the idea of the world thinking we love Jesus. If Shechem really loved Dinah he would not have raped her. If we really loved Jesus we would treat Him much better and not like a prostitute. Let’s examine whether we Lust for Jesus and everything that his Name brings for us or do we have true Love for Jesus.

Questions Discussed in this Podcast

V3: Was Shechem really in love with Dinah?

V17: Did Jacob’s sons not regard the covenant of Circumcision or perhaps take it lightly as they had no intention to welcome Shechem in their family? Why did Shechem and his entire family agree to get Circumcised?

V18: Like these people, do we take our modern-day covenant with God, Baptism lightly?

V26: Why was Dinah in Shechem’s house?

Summary Question
Did not Jacob’s family defile God by committing this heinous act?
How have we defiled Jesus by our actions?


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