This is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham


The song is simply about the amazing grace and unfailing love that this God, this King of glory, this King above all Kings, has shown to us. The verses are all about His majesty and what He has done, how He spoke the world into existence, how He brings order to our chaos, how He has made orphans and sinners His sons and daughters! By taking our place on the Cross, He bore our sin and went to the grave so that we may be set free, so that we may be forgiven. It’s an amazing thought, and the verses are saying look at this amazing God. He creates the stars, brings the chaos back into order. He shakes the whole earth with thunder. It’s the story that God has written, and a story that He lets us be a part of. It’s a song of celebration. Some songs have an adoration quality. Some songs are reminders. Some songs are about thankfulness. Some songs are prayers, or declarations.
It’s my favorite album that I’ve made. The idea of the album is in the title, “The Ascension.” Many pastors teach about the Psalms of Ascent. What many believe is that these Psalms were saved for the moment when the people of Israel were gathered together at the temple in Jerusalem to honor God, for Who He is, and for what He’s promised to do. I imagine in my mind families, and towns and communities coming together and singing these songs that are sacred. I love that picture of the people of God being excited to be in His presence.

Now we don’t need to go to a temple, He is in us. The Church is His body, and every time we gather together and sing to Him we are ascending together. I want people to not just stop at the status quo or think of Christianity as something to check off a list every week. I want listeners to know that their faith is living and alive and growing and real and will never stop. I hope this album is some type of inspiration for people to do that in their hearts. This album did that in my heart, made me want more of God.

Phil Wickham


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