The Vineyard and it’s Master

Isaiah (5:1-7) Depicts a picture of a vineyard in a fertile hillside, without stones, with choicest vines, watch tower and a winepress, to reflect God’s provision and care for nation. Failure of the nation to live up to His expectations was brought out in this portion. In spite of all the provisions, the people of God continue to lead an unlawful life. The master was asking in anguish, “what more could have been done for my vineyard”.

Yes! He had sent His only beloved Son to rescue the mankind. He took our sin on Him and died for us. Cleansed us with His son Jesus Christ’s precious blood (1 Jn 1: 7) and gave us choicest living word. (Jn 6: 63).  He became our watchtower to plead on our behalf sitting at the right side of His Father. (1 Jn 2: 1) And He gave us a Church (a wine-press) a body of Christ.   Now He is expecting many good things to happen in our lives. Yet we are unable to yield good fruits.

In the given portion, God had decided to do two things. The first one is removal of hedges and the other one is breaking of the wall. In spite of all these priceless resources if we cannot produce anything, then the hedges surrounding us is removed as a first thing. What does `hedge’ mean? It signifies God’s protection. In Job, Satan sought permission from God for the removal of the hedge. (Job: 1:10). He protects us to lead a peaceful life that we may glorify His name (Deut: 6: 10-13). If we persistently don’t yield good fruits, this protection will be removed by God Himself, even before Satan seeks His permission.

Then He speaks about breaking the wall. What does ‘wall’ means?   Wall signifies prayer.  In Isaiah (49:16), He says, “I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.”  We are His chosen people, separated from the ones who live in this world, and are called for His purpose. Wall is our prayer which Jesus had taught us to pray, “Lead us not to temptation and deliver us from evil”. Without lifting up this prayer no believer can sustain in this world.

Paul as he became a believer in Christ, the first thing he did was prayer (Acts 9:11).  Prayer emerges as a wall between us and those who do not know the living God. When this wall is being removed, we are again mixed up with people who are handed over to lead an unlawful life. (Rom 1:24-32) That life will be worse than the one that we were living in the beginning (2 Pet 2: 20-21).

Jesus brings this to our notice through two of His parables (Mt: 21: 33 – 43) & (Mt 20: 1-6).  We are the tenants in this world. After sending so many prophets, God sent His own Son. But they took Him outside and killed Him. If we are unable to accept His Son, God is going to take away His kingdom from us. In Mt 21:43, Jesus says, “Therefore I tell you that the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit”. In the other parable, Jesus depicts Himself as a seeker for servants to produce fruit in His vineyard.  He is seeking people for this great job till the eleventh hour (Mt 20: 6&7). He is searching for people who can pray, prepare and wait for His kingdom. 


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