Our High Priest Forever – Hebrews Part III

Though milk is part of the diet of an adult, it is supplemented with other nutritional sustenance as well. We do not depend only on milk but take a wholesome diet according to our needs and desires. However, when it comes to our spiritual diet we are happy to gulp infantile edibles rather than mature meals. The people who came to Jesus were constantly dependent on miracles and healings as their source for affirming Jesus’s Messianic status and when Christ challenged them to exhibit their faith they all failed miserably.

Genesis 13 & 14 – The Separation

Today we are looking at chapters 13 & 14 and in particular the relationship between Abram and Lot. We know very little about Lot up to this point. We know he accompanied Abram to Egypt and came back but apart from that the author of genesis has not revealed anything about Lot. Lot did not have a father and Abram did not have a son so it’s safe to say that Lot saw Abram as a father figure given that he also left his hometown to follow Abram. And Abram would have seen lot as his son and his presumed heir.